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The yoga suite is a modern spacious area overlooking the swimming pool area. 

This area can be seperated to allow for more focused sessions with our class instructors.


Yoga benefits include improved posture, flexibility and stress relief. The aim of Yoga is to enourage a healthy mind-body connection through one of its main pillars; the breath. 

Classes are suitable for all levels. We have amts available for customers or if you prefer you are more than welcome to bring your own. 


Our Pilates classess are designed to suit all levels and enable you to improve flexibility and increase the strength and tone in the core muscles of the body. 

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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates was invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. The practice is on a bed-like frame that uses different weighed spring combinations to create resistence when we move the carraige back and forth. 

Using a reformer bed means that you can target those small muscle groups, which helps to form long, lean muscles. You can do more exercises than what's possible on the mat and perform a wide range of movement.

We have two classes available to customers. Align Reformer is suitable for Beginners and Improvers and Flow Reformer is suitable for Improvers and Advanced. 

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