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  • Andy Moran

If You build it, they will Come

The world of exercise as we know it is changing constantly. From new micro trends in the fitness class world, to apps that can monitor everything from calorie intake, to heartrate to GPS. The one thing that never changes is people’s want for social interaction and fitness facilities are just another avenue that provide this service. Over the past fourteen months our industry, like many others has been ripped apart from the social effects of Covid-19.

Last week at The Leisure Complex at Lough Lannagh in association with The Movement Gym along with many gyms throughout Mayo and Ireland we fought back. With the easing of government guidelines around Covid-19 we launched our very first outdoor training sessions. As we waited for people to book in, the anxiety of the wait was real. You genuinely don’t know when you reopen a business if people have found a new, maybe even better way to exercise. As the numbers gradually appeared in the car park of the Leisure Complex at Lough Lannagh on Monday morning at 6.45am and throughout the day the joy was real. We as trainers had smiles on our faces to see our friends back doing what they love doing. To see them interacting, smiling and enjoying a good workout filled our hearts with joy and made us hopeful that as a small fitness community we will help each other back to normality.

Throughout the week, the atmosphere grew. Our trainers interchanged after each session, each having their own unique tastes in music. Locals who walk on a daily basis around the lake stopped for a look, soaking in the atmosphere.

It really was a special week. We look forward to many more in the future when we eventually get to open our doors and welcome all our wonderful customers back. Until that day arrives, we strive to return to normality. As a community we have done ourselves proud since March 2020. Let’s keep up the fight and stay safe.

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