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Yin Yoga

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Yin is a complimentary style of Yoga to the active style of postural Yoga.

What are the Benefits of Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga targets tissues in the body largely neglected in Yang yoga (strong postural yoga). To break this down in a simplified way it is that dense connected tissue around the muscles and in around our joints are gently and safely stimulated during the practice of Yin Yoga.

The Practice

When moving the body into the Yin Posture you will come to a point where you start to feel mild sensations known as your Edge. By this I mean the target area. In relating to the muscles in the target area the stress of the posture shifts to the dense tissue especially around the joint. This will inevitably sound and feel confusing as you practice Yin Yoga. You will still feel sensations in your muscle e.g hamstrings and quadriceps, but with the related muscle, the emphasis shifts to the tissue surrounding the joint.

How long to stay in a posture

This depends on your tolerance level. The strength of the tissue being stretched as it is very possible that the strength of the tissues may not be very strong. So I would say try a minute at first and tease it out. The ability to stay for longer periods of time at a mild level of sensations is a sign of progress. What is important to say is that if the sensations are becoming too intense you ease off gently. Golden Rule is no pain.

How to come out of a Yin Posture

Slowly, cautiously, carefully. Take a little time to rest. Allow the sensations to ease. With Yin Yoga the body may become a little sore instantly but the soreness fades away relatively fast. So when your practice is complete, your body might feel lighter, freer, less restricted, all signs of deeper practice with sweet results.


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